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Eissbaer Extreme reservoir led color


New member
The blue color of the LED inside the block (radiator + pump + reservoir + fans) is very intense, and it totally breaks the aesthetics of my build.

I opened the box and saw that it's just a led strip on the side of the tank.

Does anyone know if it is possible to replace that led strip with another color? If not, is it possible to simply remove the led strip, or add a switch to deactivate it?

Sorry if these questions are very basic, but I don't have much knowledge of electronics/electricity.

Best regards.


Staff member
If you unscrew the back carefully, you can reach the LED strip. You can't replace it without knowledge of electronics. But you can cut the cables. You just have to wrap them cleanly with insulating tape.
However, you should be aware that this will invalidate the warranty.


New member
Thank you very much for the fast response.

The warranty thing I already assumed, but anyway, it's almost a year and a half old, so maybe I'll wait a little longer until it's 2 years old.