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Eiswolf 240 GPX suddenly not cooling at all


New member

I'm a complete noob to all this so forgive my ignorance.
I'm running a 2080 Ti with an Alphacool Eiswolf 240 GPX Pro RTX and for some reason it has suddenly stopped working. The fans are all running, the radiator is cold to the touch, but the card is super hot and I heard a very loud noise when I started running a game, like a high pitched continuous scream. I quit the game and it all became quiet, but I noticed my GPU was at 88 degrees C. I also had terrible performance in the game.

How can I troubleshoot or fix this?


New member
I bought it in june of last year. The noise only happened once as I don't want to stress the graphics card again when it isn't cooled. When idling it runs at about 60-65 degrees C.


Staff member
Could be a problem with the pump. It's best to write to our support team by email (info@alphacool.com). Describe your problem briefly and you will quickly receive help and information on how to proceed.