Expanding Eiswolfw 2


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Good day,

I have an Eiswolf 2 AIO and I would like to expand it into a custom loop or at least upgrade the Pump, can someone point me into the right direction? I have tried looking online but couldn't find a lot of info.

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I don't quite understand the actual question. Do you just want to integrate the Eiswolf into a custom loop? Then you just need to connect it to it. If you want to have a stronger pump, then you can simply connect it to it via the quick-release fasteners, for this you only need to buy another matching one, or you replace all the connections and hoses completely.

Can you maybe describe in more detail what you want to do?


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Hi, thank you for the response.
I would like to add either a second pump to it or install 1 single stronger pump.
If I go with a second pump ( identical as the one installed in the eiswolf) ehat other accessories do I need? Like the top end and a small reservoir?

If I go with a single stronger pump, I will have to remove the pump from the Eiswolf block dont I? Is that possible? Is there a terminal cover I need to install?


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The easiest way is to integrate a stronger pump into the system, e.g. a D5 pump with a corresponding reservoir. As already written, this would be quite simple via another extension set with quick-release coupling. The DC-LT pump of the Eiswolf 2 AIO will not be removed & you can keep it running. This does not result in any problems.