Expansion of AIO Eisbaer 360LT


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I'm a proud owner of an AIO Eisbaer 360LT CPU cooler, and recently I've come out with the ideea of expanding it. I had already customize it by replacing the tubes (with clear ones), the radiator (with an 360mm x 45mm one) and also added a reservoir, but now I want to make my GPU also watercooled. For guidance, I must ask Alphacool and the community some questions.
Current situation: I want my GPU to be cooled by a waterblock (not AIO) and a 360mm radiator. In my opinion, the pump on the Eisbaer is not sufficient for that kind of load, so I've ordered the Eisstation DC-Ultra incl. Alphacool DC-LT 2600 Ultra (pump and reservoir). This is the same pump (or should be) as the Eisbaer's. I've done this so I can have two options:
a) make a single loop, with the pumps running in serial, something like this: Eisstation - GPU block - 1st radiator - Eisbaer - 2nd radiator - return to Eisstation;
b) make two independent loops.
1. Is it possible to run the pumps in serial? If yes, I must connect them to the same power header? (it's OK, my motherboard have a 25W waterpump header, more than enough for two 6W pumps);
2. The first part of the loop is Eisstation - GPU block - 1st radiator. The Eisstation will be mounted at the bottom of the case, and the radiator will be mounted at the top, so this means an aprox. 450mm gap between them. The pump have 600mm head pressure. Will this be enough (considering the waterblock in between)?

I would like to make a single loop, otherwise there will be a mess of tubing in my computer case......

Thank you for your help!


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I'm interested in this too. I was thinking of putting one of these directly on the graphics card inlet or outlet: https://www.aquatuning.us/water-coo...24196/alphacool-eisstation-40-dc-lt-reservoir

And then adding a second radiator.


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I've actualy done this setup (1st option, single loop), but a little different. Instead of mountig the pumps far apart in the loop, I've purchased a top similar to yours, dismantle the Eisbaer for the pump and mount them (pump and top) at the outlet of the Eisstation (of course, I had to purchase a dedicated CPU block). So my loop looks like this: Eisstation (1st pump) - DC-LT & Top combo (2nd pump) - GPU block - CPU block - 1st radiator - 2nd radiator - back to Eisstation.