Extending Eisbär 240 to cool 2 GPUs


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I'd like to explore the possibility of extending my Eisbaer 240 so it creates a cooling loop to include 2 RTX 2080 Ti's along with the CPU.

I have no experience with water cooling whatsoever so I have no clue what I'd need, what would be overkill, what would be insufficient etc.

I'm aware that the Eiswolf kit is an option available for the 2080 Ti but getting 2 of those plus the Eisbaer would certainly be overkill, wouldn't it?
The Eisbaer is currently cooling a Ryzen 2700X which will be upgraded to a 3900X at some stage. The video cards are 2x Asus RTX 2080 Ti Turbo (blower style cooler).

Many thanks for any input and advice.


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With a Ryzen 3900X and 2x 2080Ti you will need a minimum radiatorspace of 480 mm. (2x 240mm or 1x 360mm + 120mm or something like that). Better is a bit more like 1x 240mm + 1x 360mm. And you will need a stronger pump, the Eisbaer pump will be too weak for such a big loop.

Best way would be to built a complete new DIY loop without the Eisbaer cooler. Another idea is to use the Eisbaer only for the CPU and to creat another loop for the both GPUs (thats not a solution i would prefere, but it works also fine).