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First DIY watercooling... how to LED?


New member
Hey guys! ordered my first DIY watercooling setup, alphacool all the way and now I'm getting 3x 120rgb fans, the cpu rgb cooler and the gpu rgb cooler... and of course an eismatrix II controller to adjust my fans.

additional cables I thought would come in handy:

Alphacool Digital RGB LED Y-Kabel 3x with JST plug

Alphacool Eis-Matrix 2 - Adapter 5-Pin to PWM + 5V Digital RGB (3pcs)

but I'd rather prefer syncing the leds with software. my motherboard is a msi z390 gamin Pro, and it says it has these headers:

2x 4-pin RGB LED connectors

1x 3-pin RAINBOW LED connector

1x 3-pin CORSAIR LED connector

now first question: can I use the corsair one with the eismatrix II so that I could use icue for my LEDs?

if not, what are my options? :)

as my loot is destined to arrive next week... it's time to think about the how to's to make it beautiful :D