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I'm new to this forum because, for the first time, I'm building a PC with water cooling.
I ordered a lot of parts from Alphacool and, in the meantime, I made a 3D model to determine the location of the various elements.

My model is under SketchUp which helps a lot to design a set that doesn't exist yet. Thanks to Alphacool for providing the 3D models (stp). I chose this supplier because of this particularity!

For information, my configuration for this PC which is intended to host Flight Simulator 2020:

-Fractal Design Define 7 TG Clear white
-CORSAIR - RM850x 850W - 80 Plus Gold
-ASUS Prime Z490-A
-Intel Core i9-10850K
-Watercooling complete Alphacool except pump (PUB-JTD5) and 3 radiator fans (be quiet! Shadow Wings 2, 120 mm)
-Corsair Vengeance LPX Series Low Profile 32 Go (2x 16 Go) DDR4 3200 MHz CL16
-Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 FE (if avalable one day...)
-Samsung SSD Interne 970 PRO (1TB) - MZ-V7P1T0BW (W10)
-Samsung SSD Interne 860 PRO (1 To) - MZ-76P1T0B/EU (FS2020)
-Seagate IronWolf 4 To HDD ST4000VNZ08

Well, here are some views of the modeling, before the real work!

Philippe (France)
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Thank you for your appreciation.
The same for the graphics card? As long as this card is not in my hands, it's going to be difficult, but then, why not.
While waiting for the parts ordered from Alphacool, I keep thinking about the cooling system. I just added an outlet with a tap to drain the liquid. And, an inlet at the top of the box to fill the circuit.
I will also add a flow indicator (17352) to visualize the fluid activity.
To be continued...


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Updated :
- Flowmeter placed on a plexiglass block
- Installation of the correct model of 120mm fans

Now, I'm waiting for my Alphacool order (30125619 of 10/20/2020) to apply my ideas in real life...

As a reminder, the 3D models used are those of Alphacool when available. It's a pity that not all manufacturers do this.
For the flowmeter, I wonder if the little red propeller will be visible in the white liquid (18561 from Alphacool)?

To be continued...



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I wonder if the little red propeller will be visible in the white liquid (18561 from Alphacool)?
Good question next one please. I dont want write something wrong to be honest. You need to try and see if the wing is visible or not. Problem is i dont know how close the wing sits to the window. If it is close enough than it should be no problem.


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I am still thinking about my first PC in water cooling while waiting for my order to arrive at Alphacool.
I have decided to use soft tubes to facilitate the placement of the tubes . The problem is that the shape of the tubes will be less regular than with hard tubes.
So I thought of using semi-rigid stainless steel or silver plated copper to shape rigid springs to choose the shape of the tubes.
Here is what this could look like...
To be continued...

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You are very skilled with 3d modeling. How can I try this?

The PC looks great. It's going to be clear tubing? I'm not sure about the springs. Maybe if the springs were painted the same color as the fluid.


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Hi Lucid,
3d modeling by SketchUp (before by Google, now by Trimble) and raytracing software next. White spring, good idea, I'll think about it.
Hi Hartmut1,
I remind you that I use soft and clear tubes. So, to have a regular and geometric shape, you have to stiffen the tubes.