Got an M16 but it doesn't fit my 1080Ti


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I sent a support email but the form was in German only so I thought I'd add this thread in too.

I'm following up on this recent purchase:

I got this for my 1080Ti:

And either I'm messing up or this doesn't even remotely fit.

It appears to be a cooler built for the 1080, not the Ti.

I tried to fit it on but nothing fit in place and it just appeared to be completely incorrect.

I'd rather not send back for a refund, I'd rather learn that I'm wrong and it does fit, but all the screw holes failed to match (but they do match the 1080 PCB) and the GPU contact area simply didn't connect.

Where am I going wrong here?

The instructions are also good, but strangely a stage is completely missed between 4 and 5 - how to actually connect the cooler to the surface of the PCB before screwing in place.

Any advice before I have to return for a refund :(


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Did you by any change manage to sort it out ?

I have the same GPU at home and was looking at a waterblock for it.
Noticed on the Compatibility list that the M19 should be compatible, yet you have the M16.

So I was wondering if it ended up working or you returned it?
I don't want to open up a brand new card and break something - since it'll be my first time doing this ^^

Thanks !