GPU & CPU loop 280MM


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I'm working on my new build inside the Phanteks Evolve Shift X using a 3700x, 5700XT and the Asrock ITX-3 (for some reason uses the Intel mounting bracket for AM4).

I would like to hook it up to a single AIO cooler.
I have the Eisbaer 280MM, however I seen to have an issue where the CPU Eisbaer is too tall for me to be able to close the case. I read that there's also the Eisbaer LT. Would I be able to buy the extension kit for a 90 degree angle and the Eisbaer LT and just replace the CPU block?

My second question would be I to switch the Eisbaer LT solo for while still using the extension kit?

My final question is, I'm thinking of water-cooling my 5700XT, if I have the previous set up, would I be able to use this GPU block inside the same loop as my CPU and my 280mm radiator and still get decent temperatures? Would it make a difference if I add another 2 fans to the radiator?

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Generally: A single 280mm radiator won't be able to cool CPU+GPU properly unless you mount high speed fans on it. Push/pull won't help much, it helps at low fan speeds (500-700 RPM) but the higher the fan speeds, the smaller the benefit of push/pull.

In my mITX build I went for a 200x200mm external radiator (85mm thick) similar to the NexXxoS Monsta 180mm Single radiator. It sits outside the case with fans in push/pull. I have tested it on a Ryzen 3600 and GTX 1660 Ti and it cools them well enough.


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You can purchase the Eisbaer LT alone and replace the Eisbaer with it.

As @War4peace already told you a 280mm radiator won´t be able to cool your CPU and GPU you will need at least an second radiator for your GPU or a bigger one.