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Has anyone used An S1 Pump in a loop with an Eiswolf block?


New member
I am currently running a gtx 1080 classified with an eiswolf gpx pro 120mm and using a Eisbaer Aurora 240 for redundant pump and extra rad. Second loop is a Evga CLC 280 for cpu. i am removing the evga CLC and adding another 240mm rad and cpu block. So i am going to use an S1 pump 2 240mm rads,120mm 45mm thick rad a cpu block with the Eiswolf gpx. I have been unable to locate any other gpu block for my gpu. Should i unplug the gpx pump? Any thoughts greatly appreciated


Staff member
Its a rebranded Laing DDC T1 Plus pump, nothing special.

You can use both pumps together. Its better to let the Eisbaer pump running together with the DDC pump so you have less restriction. Its not a problem.


New member
Worked perfect with no issues. ALphacool 360 Rad in front intake Position, Alphacool 240 Rad in top Exhaust. Bitspower S1 Pump, Eiswolf GPX for Gtx 1080 Classified and Bitspower Summit M cpu block temps for Gpu 2050 mhz stay about 35c and cpu stays about 50c overclocked to 4.7g. while gaming. Thank you guys for making great products and being the only company to support the GTX 1080 Classified. Now the fun of figuring out all of the different LED's


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