HELP- Setup my loop Kit Tornado


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So i recently purchased a DYI kit the Tornado 60x280mm and i am having troubles finding out a solution for my loop.
My case is a Phantek Evolv X.

So i had to setup my rad and fans as intakes with push configuration for the case becouse i have no space on top.
I atached the fans to the front of the case, than the rad on the fans.....and then i puted the reservoir on the rad.
You guys can see a picture below.

Main issue is, the rad is so thick that there is no airflow inside the case even at max RPM.s wich makes my board temps skyrocket along with the Gfx and this is really bad :(

I need ideias in how to setup this diferently and i am sure i need to buy some parts in order to do so but i dont have a clue in what to do or buy.



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Hi Espumador,

the reservoir which you have mounted on the radiator is blocking the airflow. Can you try to mount the reservoir elsewhere? This should improve the airflow. Since the radiator is to big for your case you can not go with push&Pull. Maybe an XT45 radiator would be better in your case to improve the airflow too.


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i have no other way of mounting the reservoir! :( the only option i have is mounting the rad on the top mounting spot with the fans on top of it but i dont know if the case cover will be able to fit the case after instaling the fans like that!
Since i purchased a kit i cant return the 60mm rad for a less thicker one.. :( or can I ?


It's the fans, sorry to say, but BeQuiet fans are the last thing I would put on a 60mm thick radiator. From the datasheet, the fans are max 1350 RPM with 1.38mm Hg pressure, which is very, very low for that radiator. I would suggest Noctua NF A14 PWM or if you really want the headroom, the NF A14 industrialPPC 2000 RPM would cool your setup like a boss.

As for the reservoir blocking airflow, I beg to differ, moving the reservoir away will improve your airflow by exactly zero if you keep those fans. No need to believe me, just test it yourself by taking a long thin piece of toilet paper or napkin and attaching one end to the top of the radiator with duct tape, leaving the other end to hang free. Then turn of your machine and see how far are the fans pushing the strip of paper away.

Oh and one more thing, remove the dust filter and see if the temperatures improve, GamersNexus have tested this as well.


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unfortunatly i have to agree with both!
I have tested the fans with and without the rad and they are somewhat powerfull but not powerfull enough for this rad!
This radiator blocks 90% of the fans produced cfm. The radiator soaks up all the air and only a tiny breeze goes trough it.
I need to get some Noctua 3k RPM power fans or else i am screwd!

Quick question:
Can this type of reservoir be mounted horizontly? becouse if it can, i can mount the res on the top part of the case.



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HI @Espumador
it is possible to mount the reservoir horizontally but for this the reservoir has to be filled completely otherwise the pump will soak air into your loop.