How many Eislicht LED's or other lights can I have in my rig


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I'm building within the giant Corsair 900D case and I'd like to light it up as much a feasible!
My mobo is the MSI x299 Creation with plenty of pin headers, JRGB1, JRainbow1~2 RGB connectors.
In order to have the motherboard power and control the lights, should I be using the JRGB1 or JRainbow connectors?



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To be specific, I have 5x Eislicht LED RGB panels, 1x EIS block Aurora, 1x Aurora 50mm RGB LED ring! I could use help connecting these onto my MSI Creation x299 motherboard.
The Aurora LED ring and the EIS Aurora block have different connecting ends than the Eislicht LED panels?!? Why?
And how to connect them all together?


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Hey, the Auroroa LED,s are adressable LED,s not like the normal RGB and they work with 5V not 12V like the regular RGB. It is difficult to connect them together and you need adapter cables to do so. Best thing would be if you write us an email to and we can create an offer for you with the needed parts.