How/ where to purchase the brass and plastic o-rings for the Eiszapfen compression fittings


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So, long story made very short. I need to get the brass and plastic o-rings that come with the Eiszapfen 13/10 mm HardTube compression fittings for brass tubes - knurled - Chrome. Part number 17431. I can’t find them on the shop at all. I’ve tried, as well as and no luck. I have also messaged AlphaCool on their facebook page 5 days in a row with no response. Just being ignored. I have 36 unusable fittings. Please help. I’m not asking for the parts to be “given” to me. I’ll buy them... but i can’t find where or how and AlphaCool so far is just ignoring me... kinda frustrating.


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Hi, 5 days in a raw? This is simply not true. We do not work on the weekend and if you contact us friday afternoon and do not get any response over the weekend this is normal. And i have answered your question on FB also. We do not sell this brass and plastic washer as spare part. I also told you to write an email to info@ to ask for the needed material. Thank you.