I think this is a little bit unfair...


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I would like to get something here because it seems in the emails with support i don't get my point trough or...something.

So i've ordered a Waterblock for my Saphire GPU from you guys, that happened on 13 Apr. Then Easter came and even that i've ordered on a Wed...it didn't went out the second day, it went out on 19, the next Tue...okkk, i kind of expected that as it was Easter. Not ideeal as ok, i've paid priority shipping & stuff...was reasonable to think it would be sent out the next day, but nop, vacation mood...sent it after the easter, right? …ok, it happens, nobody rushes before the holidays.

Now...finally the waterblock came yesterday and...nasty surprise, i had almost none of the accessories in the box, no screws, half of the thermal pads where missing, no thermal paste. So...no chance in the world to get it mounted.

Now i contact support, they respond with

"Hi There,

if you tell us your address we can send you the missing mounting material. We will ship it for free with an Maxi letter. If you want a Express delivery you have to pay for the shipping cost.

Have a nice day.

So...after almost two weeks i received an incomplete product and I need to pay for express shipping to fix the mistake on YOUR side? How dose that work? When i ordered the product i paid for "DHL Premium International - PRIO" it costed 20,93 Euro to ship it. That was the cost for, what, half the product? How this is fair?

Maybe i am overreacting, but…shipping was not free, nor cheap. I didn’t do anything wrong, why i should…wait and wait and wait and pay for express shipping for your mistake? I mean, ok, i’ll pay for express shipping, but would you reimburse my shipping costs? Because i paid and you didn’t deliver…

PS: ok, support got back in les than 24h with that response, i give them that…but…after i replied i’m not onboard with this…nothing. Yes, i know, it’s from today? But…how long should it take to respond? 2-3-4 days? For a express shipped order from 13 April?

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