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Improving a very simple loop


New member
My loop consists of an Eisbaer LT solo, 2 tube sections, 4 fittings and a radiator. The reason for making it custom was that I could only fit a 80mm radiator in my case, so I went for a thicker one (Nexxxos X-Flow 80mm radiator). Tubes and fittings are 13/10.
I have very immediate challenges with the tubes that can be shown easily with a photo:

The shorter tube is bent (marked in red), restricting the flow of water. The fittings are one rotary (to the Eisbaer) and one straight.
The longer tube looks OK, uses two rotary fittings to get to the further away entry of the X-Flow radiator. The problem is the curvature (both tubes actually) doesn't leave room to close the case. (You can see the sliding black cover at the right, partially covering the Eisbaer).

How to fix this?
My assumptions are that I can solve the issue with the shorter section (in red) with a 45º adapter and two fittings. And the issues with the "longer" section with maybe two 90º fittings and two straight fittings. So in total I would need 1x 45º adapter, 4x straight fittings, 2x 90º fittings, and 5 tube sections instead of 2.
But I am new to watercooling, so I wanted to get some help and some other opinions.
Also I know that I would need 5 tube sections but I am not clear on how to go about measuring them. In a way this bent tube would not be so bent if I measured the shorter tube's length more accurately.

I imagine also that there is lots of room for improvement in terms of making temperatures better.