Intresting Build Idea


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So this is the thought, a hard line build but replacing aprorate length straight tube with 1u and 2u x-flow radiators!
I know in my current build I could fit a triple 80 x-flow above the graphics card, maybe a single 80 or dual 40 off of the cpu block to bring the line up to the graphics card, triple 40 from cpu block to bottom rad and probably a 5x40mm x-flow vertical run though this one seems less useful as replacing the 280 front rad with a thicker 280mm xflow would be better suited there for a cleaner loop just as an example.
Would probably require some mounting fabrication so the weight isn't just hanging off the fittings something I do not personally have the tools to do myself sadly or the funds to set such a thing up,
Anyway just a pipe dream *giggle* let me know what you all think ^.^
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I used a Xflow radiator for my loop to help get the frow from one side of the back of my case to the front so I could bring it through the middle wall.

Worked great.