Is "Eisbaer 360LT" enough to cool CPU and GPU? (Compatibility and extra parts to buy)


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Dear Alphacool,
I'm going to buy a Alphacool Eisbaer LT360 Cooler. I intend to cool my CPU (Ryzen 9 3900x) and GPU too (Radeon VII). So, i came across with a couple of questions:

1. Is the pump of this AIO enough to cool both the CPU and GPU effectively?

2. I already have a GPU with a EKwb water block installed. Will it be compatible with the Eisbaer 360LT? (

3. If yes, what extra parts do i have to buy in order to extend the loop?

4. Do i have to worry about corrosion etc?

I'm sorry if i asked anything completely stupid/irrelevant. I'm a total beginner regarding watercooling. I hope you can help me out! Thank you a lot in advance!



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About your questions

1. Should be, yes. But if you built the loop, check it. I am not sure how restrictiv the EK block is. But i think it will work.

2. The block has G1/4" threads.... so, yes :)

3. You need only the Extension sets and some liquid.
Extension set 1 with straight fittings:

Extension set 2 with 90° fittings:

4. No. Our radiators and coolers are made by full copper. And the EK block has also a copper block.

Stupid questions dont exist, only stupid answers.


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Thank you a lot for your reply Eddy! Finally I’ve cleared some things up :)

Should I fill up the existing loop with just deionized water?