Is Eisblock Aurora Plexi GPX-A AMD Radeon 5700 XT Sapphire Nitro+ compatible with Nitro+ Special Editiion ?


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Thanks, Eddy.

> we have no idea how the PCB design looks.

It should be identical to Nitro+, but I'll ask Sapphire support and reply over here.

> Diesen Service bieten wir nur EU-weit an. Drittländer sind ausgeschlossen.

I live in Ukraine, it's not covered by this, as far as I've understood, right ?


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Yes, sorry, that service is only for countrys in EU.

If you already have the card, maybe you can make a picture of the PCB. or if you got the info from Sapphier, let us know.


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A friend of mine said that changes were minor and it's the same PCB with slightly overvolted vram and vcore, though make the card more powerhungry i.e. pre-overclocked without much of silicon lottery.

We've inspected both PCB's today and they were identical.

So, should be compatible - no PCB diffs except fans, higher pre-overclock, and few deg higher temps.


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Will be ordering wb soon(-ish).
Will post some photos over here afterwards.

UPD: Ordered, will post some photos in few weeks.
Waiting for shipment.
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Well, 25 days of DHL shipping due to reroute via Rosan and Meest Express, which are awful.

tldr; it fits...IMAGE 2020-04-02 23:12:30.jpg


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I am sorry that it took soo long :( but the service provider takes its time and we can not influence it. Great looking PC btw.. :)