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Lenovo Ideacenter y710 Cube. Can it be watercooled?!?

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New member
Hello everyone,

I would like to watercool my GPU and hoped to receive some guidance for this endeavor.

My parts are the following:

- Case: Lenovo Ideacenter y710
- Mainboard: Asrock Fatal1ty X470 Gaming-ITX/ac
- CPU: AMD RYZEN 5 3600
- CPU Cooler: 1. Noctua NH D9, 2. Noctua NH-C12P SE14
- GPU: 5700xt Sapphire (Blower)
- RAM: G.Skill Flare X (2x, 8GB, DDR4-3200, DIMM 288)
- PSU: be quiet! SFX-L Power 600W
- Storage: 2x 3.5 4TB HDD, 1x SAMSUNG Evo 1TB SSD, 1x SAMSUNG 970 EVO 500GB NVME

My main target would be to cool the GPU due to the increasingly hot summers.
But since the space inside the case is very restricted I can imagine that I need to include the CPU to the loop to free up the space that would have been taken by the CPU cooler.

I would like to stay with products from AlphaCool only if possible.

In regards to the budget.... Just go wild and imagine you stole the black Mastercard from P.Diddy... ^^
Focus/Priority is a low maintenance cool build. Silence takes spot No. 3 and at the end the budget.

Accept my thanks and gratitude for all who share their respective wisdom and experience.
You may start at the basics if you like since I have never build a custom watercooling setup myself.

Yes, I believe that I am ressourceful enough to try.



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New member
Well, it seems like there is no way to cool this case with Alphacool components.
That is unfortunate.

In another forum I received feedback regarding an external radiator. So I guess I will go this route on their website.

This threat can be closed.
I want to extend my thanks to everyone who tried to think of an solution for me.

K1TR4 out.
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