Liquid discoloration


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So today, my liquid which was red has completely changed color. I can constantly see the inside of the case and so I left the computer for about an hour and when I came back the liquid was no longer the same color. This is a loop I did a month ago, daily computer use, no high temperature.

- Before today :

- Now :

Before installing the radiators I cleaned it completely with demineralized water. And before putting the liquid in the loop, I put demineralized water in the reservoir to clean the loop several times. Then once the loop was emptied of demineralized water, I added the red liquid premix. Since today I have had no problems and have not noticed any change in the fluid level.
The temperatures are still excellent and I don't see any deposits in the tank or pipes.

Not being an expert, let me ask you what I should do? Is this due to :

- chemical contamination/incompatibility between components ?
- biological contamination (algae/bacteria) ?
- Indirect exposure to UV sunlight of the liquid ?
- poor quality of the liquid, wrong batch of the liquid ?

What action plan should I take, cleaning the loop with what ? And after cleaning use a coolant liquid with antibiocide and anti-corrosive to prevent this discoloration ?

Here is the list of loop components :

- Liquid : Alphacool Eiswasser Crystal Red premixed coolant 1000ml
- Hardtubes : Alphacool Eisrohr 16/13mm Acryl (PMMA) HardTube satin
- Waterblock : Alphacool Core 1 Aurora Black
- Radiator x2 : Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 360mm radiator
- Reservoir : Alphacool Core 200 Aurora Reservoir Acetal/Acryl with Apex Pump
- GPU Block : Alphacool Core Geforce RTX 4090 Strix + TUF with backplate
- Fittings : Alphacool HT 16mm HardTube compression fitting G1/4 - knurled - deep black + Alphacool Eiszapfen 16mm HardTube compression fitting 90° rotatable G1/4 - knurled - deep black + Alphacool Eiszapfen Verlängerung 20mm G1/4 AG auf G1/4 IG - Deep Black

Thank you in advance for your help,
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I also send a mail yes, but i didn't get an answer for the moment,

It's not possible to get some indication of what to do ?

If temperatures stay stable can i still use my loop system like this, during the time i exchange with to investigate and get a action plan ?


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It is better if we explain it via a channel, in this case via e-mail. Otherwise, two people may explain the same thing differently, then misunderstandings arise again and you end up interpreting something different from two answers. That would just be chaotic. I hope you understand that.


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Yes sure,

I still waiting for an answer from the support via e-mail, at this time the liquid still clear without deposit like on my picture.

I don't think it's a contamination at all. I will wait the recommanded procedure from the support.

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