Loop configuration for my Asus 1080TI Poseidon


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I have asus 1080ti poseidon and I want to make it working on its own small loop. I don't need a full loop because things went so that I have now a closed water cooling loop for my CPU (DeepCool/GamerStorm Genome II case).
I tried your configurator and it suggests Alphacool Eiswolf 120 GPX Pro Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 M20 - Black and similar.
But I already have a water block built in my Graphics card, I need everything else (pump, small reservoir, radiator, cooler and tubes).
Surfing the web I've found interesting solution here . From the picture and video, that looks exactly like something I need. Small and separate loop for my GPU.
Could you please help me to identify what exactly are the parts used on the picture: P1066292.jpg


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Hey, this is a build from a modder dude :) We should ask Leo which parts he has used for this system ^^ I can not say from the picture what kind of reservoir or pump is used in this loop.


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Can you suggest something similar? I mean I don't need exactly the same, but requirements are pretty similar. I am just new in this, don't want to start with my own configuration..


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