Loop related question


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Hi There,

With the Eisbaer and Eiswolf you have two pumps in the system which are enough to run the whole cooling unit.


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I dont have 2 pumps. It is an Eisbaer LT360 with an 240 radiator and an gpu waterblock.
Finally I connected only the gpu water block and linked in loop with Eisbaer 360LT.
In idle I have the following temps:
Cpu 36 degrees
Gpu 34 degrees
In average gaming load (wow BFA 4K 2160p playing)
Cpu 65-70 degrees
Gpu 63-66 degrees.
Now the strange thing I noticing... the 360mm radiator is not getting warm at all ... nor at in nor at out, Gpu water block is warm on both in and out areas .... backplate is very hot.
If I add into the loop the 240mm radiator things are changing a bit , the 240mm radiator getting warm almost hot but the 360mm stays cool almost like no hot water is getting to the 360mm radiator.
Temperatures not changing at all when adding in the loop the extra 240mm radiator.
Is this normal behavior?


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Also looking for the same answer as OP:

Currently have a Eisbaer 280 and was looking to add a GPU waterblock to my Radeon VII and a radiator. Just wondering if this setup is fine or if it's more recommended to pair up the Eisbaer with an Eiswolf to get the added pump to help push liquid through.