Maybe Defective Pump


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Good Afternnon,

I finished yesterday of mount all equipment and check that not have liquid losses.
I checked that all seems OK, and work without problems.

But today on start up, seems that the pump not work, I not aprecciate any movement, the cpu temps, seems that keep ok, but not appear liquid flow.

I dont know if the cpu temp keep by the quantity of liquid or if the pump have a defective.

¿If the pump is defective i understand that can be changed?

I wait your answer.

Kinds Regards

Order Number: 30112221
Product: KOI Alphacool Eissturm Blizzard Copper 45 2x140mm - complete kit
Buy: Alphacool 21/07/2019 11:15:00 PM


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Hi there, if the pump is not working you cannot run the system without problems. If the temps are okay there must be flow and pump is working.

The liquid quantity has nothing to do with this issue if the pump does not work you can have tons of liquid in the system it will not cool the CPU.

Can you post us some photos of the build?