Missing screw mounts


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Hello. I recently purchased an Eiswolf 2 for the RTX 3080 Strix from TitanRig in the United States. I had the GPU block almost completely assembled before discovering that the block was apparently missing two pieces. The metal portion of the block has screw mounts similar to motherboard standoffs that screw into the block itself, then the M2 screws screw through the PCB or backplate into those mounts to hold everything together. My block was missing two of these standoffs, and I couldn't find them loose in the packaging anywhere. I was also missing two of the tiny, clear plastic washers. Would it be possible to have those parts mailed to me instead of having to RMA the entire unit? If my description is unclear then I can provide photographs.


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Hi, just write to our support team by email (info@alphacool.com) and link to this article. There you will get quick help and information on how to proceed. Additional pictures, order number & supplier are always helpful ;-)