mITX Watercooling system from Alphacool


Hi all,
I have been watercooling PCs since 2016, but so far haven't bought much from Alphacool as a brand. With my upcoming Project:Raven build, I am considering getting a full setup from Alphacool (except illumination and monitoring). So far I have picked the following parts:
1. CPU waterblock: Alphacool Eisblock XPX CPU - Intel/AMD - satin clear version - because RGB (will only show white)
2. Pump+Reservoir: Alphacool ice station DDC reservoir incl. Alphacool Laing DDC310 pump. I wanted a D5 but I dislike the VPP pumps with their speed knob. I would have preferred a PWM pump but I'll live.
3. Radiator: Phobya Xtreme 200 - 85mm V.2 - Full Copper. I already have one but I painted it red for another build, so will need a black one too. I will buy it with accessories for push/pull fans.
4. GPU Waterblock: unknown. It really depends on which GPU would I find. I'm hoping to get a mITX GPU with waterblock, but if not, I'll have to see.
5. Fittings: Alphacool Eiszapfen 16mm HardTube compression fitting G1/4 - knurled - deep black sixpack, will get a couple of those.
6. Tubing: Alphacool Eisrohr 16/13mm PETG HardTube 80cm - 4pcs for interior and Tygon R3400 tubing 15.9 / 9.5mm (3/8 "ID) black for exterior.
7. Adapters: 2x Alphacool Eiszapfen HF quick release connector kit G3/8 inner thread with reducing nipple G1/4 and bulkhead - deep black - to connect and disconnect the external radiator, for ease of use.
8. An assortment of 90 degree and 45 degree fittings, all black.
9. Liquid: Alphacool Eiswasser Pastel Black premixed coolant


1. I really, REALLY need an adapter for 120mm fans which would allow the pump+reservoir combo to be mounted to a vertical fan area. The case is a Raijintek Metis Plus which has a vertical fan location at the back of the case, and I want to take advantage of it. After searching in the store, I could only find an horizontal adapter, which doesn't fulfill my needs. Of course, I could purchase it from somewhere else, but in that case it wouldn't be a complete Alphacool build.
2. Is the tubing good?
3. Is the liquid good? I am a fan of Mayhems and that is all I use in my builds, but this time I want to try out Alphacool liquids too.
4. If you know of a good, proven mITX GPU combo (e.g. "this GPU works with that waterblock"), I would much appreciate all advice. Up to 2070 super and its variants, I am not going to spend a lot on a GTX 2080 or above. AMD alternatives are welcome too, as long as the GPU price stays below 500 EUR.

Thank you in advance for your responses!


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Hi there,

1- Hmmmm I am not sure that we do actually make an adapter to mount the Eisstation as you would like, although it shouldn't be hard to make on if you wanted.The Eisstation does have many mounting hole locations so a very simple bracket should suffice. Do be careful of blocking the ariflow from the fan though. I am happy to help more here if needed :)

2 - The tubing is fine -most tubing is personal preference. Personally, I use acrylic for everything as I find it easier to work with and acrylic is slightly clearer than PETG, but there is nothing wrong with PETG either.

3 - That liquid is for show use only and is not intended to be used in a system for longer than a few days. I would use either our Crystal fluids, CKC or another brand which has a long term fluid.

4) For GPU compatibility, I would suggest looking at what is available in your local stores or online for a good price, then check our compatibility lists to make sure that we have a GPU block for it. Also check against our stock to make sure we have stock as some GPU blocks sell very fast.

We have an Nvidia list here: list Nvidia.pdf
And we have an AMD list here: list ATI.pdf

Unfortunately, smaller GPUs are harder and harder to find now so it is really annoying. Also, remember that if we don't currently make a GPU block for a card that is desirable, then we will make you one for free if you send it to us to measure. You can see more details here:



Thank you for your reply.
1. There will be no fans in the case. That is the point of external cooling, so no issue blocking the airflow since there isn't any :). And yes, I would love to have a bracket. I can make one myself, just was curious if such solution exists directly from Alphacool.
2. I'll just use PETG for now, as a matter of fact I already have hard tubing in my stash but it's produce by competition and I want to have all cooling from Alphacool.
3. Liquid: I have Pastel Black, Red and White from a competitor, used it for years without changing, again, wanted all-Alphacool but if your liquid is not for long term use I will use another brand. Unfortunate, but it is what it is.
4. Yes, I was aware of the option for GPU waterblock, in the end I will do just that.

As for GPU availability, on only one store from my country I have found the following:
INNO3D GEFORCE RTX 2060 TWIN X2 (not in compatibility list)
Asus nVidia GeForce RTX 2060 TUF GAMING 6GB (not in compatibility list)
ASUS Phoenix GeForce RTX™ 2060 6GB GDDR6 (not in compatibility list)
ASUS PHOENIX GTX 1660Ti 6GB (not in compatibility list)
Gigabyte GTX 1660 Ti OC 6G (in cpmpatibility list, fits with 1660 Ti M03)

So I guess that's the GPU I should get :)


No, I don't have the GPU just yet. Wanted to make sure there would be a waterblock readily available for it before buying it.


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Hi There, this is not possbile i am afraid. We do not produce custom need products. Sorry for not been able to help and have a nice day.