Mix and match Alphacool with Corsair hardware


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I currently have an 8700k being cooled by a Corsair H150i Pro & 1080 GPU cooled with a EIswolf custom kit .
I also have a Eisbaer CPU cooler which I want to use instead of the Corsair kit.
So my question is, can I keep the 360 rad from the Corsair kit and use the it to cool with the Eisbaer cpu block, are they compatible with tubing?


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Most AIO's use aluminium rads, So if your going to use any other parts that are copper or nickel then you would get galvanic corrosion, thats even IF you could get them to work together.. personally i would just save up a few £ and get a better Better Rad.


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As Tiberius told you already you have to check if the radiator is made out of Aluminium or copper. If it made out of copper you can use the radiator. It is made of aluminium you can not use it.