Need better backplate for Aurora Acryl GPX-N for MSI Ventus 3090. High VRAM temps!


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The thin 6mm smooth backplate that comes with this cooler is simply not working, with VRAM temps hitting 110C easily, while GPU core stays around 65. I don’t believe it’s a thermal pad issue, since the backplate is scorching hot to the touch, so heat is clearly transferring. I’m assuming the aluminum is simply not robust enough to dissipate much heat. Any suggestions? Has anyone else run into this? I’m running dual 3090s in the loop, so no real room for an active solution.


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Hi Proteus7,

the main issue are the RAM on the backside which are getting very hot. When the temperature is to hot you can modify the backplate and mount as an example an D-Ram cooler to dissipate the heat.
If you doesn´t have the space for an modification like this, you can try to get a better air flow, to cool the passive backplate better.