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NEW - Alphacool's Apex Heat Gun, the perfect tool for bending HardTubes!


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Bending and routing hard tubes within a PC water cooling system has rarely been so easy with the tools that we have available today. The Alphacool Apex Heat Gun is the latest addition to these tools. It has many useful functions and accessories included in the scope of delivery. Beyond working on hard tubes in a water cooling system, the Apex Heat Gun is a useful addition to any toolbox.

The powerful 2000W Heat Gun is easy to operate. Temperature and airflow can be controlled as needed using large push buttons. The blower has several stages that allow a temperature range of 80-650°C. Thanks to the large LCD display, you can keep track of the selected settings at all times.

Safety first! After the Heat Gun has been switched off, the fan continues to run in order to dissipate excess heat in the appliance. The heating coil can cool down evenly and the service life of the Heat Gun is significantly increased. Three practical rubber feet on the back provide a stable stand, allow free hands and also facilitate the cooling process after work.​

Alphacool Apex Heat Gun with LCD 2000W 80-650°C

Technical data
L x B x H26,5 x 25 x 9 cm
Voltage230V AC
Frequency50/60 Hz
Max. power consumption2000 W
Temperature range80-650 °C
Air flow15-35,7 m3/h

FB_Apex Heat Gun_EN.jpg
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