NEW! Core 100/200 reservoirs with aRGB LEDs


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With the new Core reserviors, Alphacool presents an improved version of the popular Eisbecher model. Here, Alphacool draws on the experience of the last 19 years and improves various details to present our customers with the next evolutionary stage of the successful reservoir.

The new outer thread of the acrylic tube significantly improves stability and safety. The look has also been revised. The previously visible thread is hidden completely inside the bottom. The D5 pump top now also features 12 aRGB LEDs by default, which provide extensive colorful effects in the reservoir.

Just like the Eisbecher, the Alphacool Core AGBs have versatile mounting options: with feet on the base, with various brackets on the case and even directly on a radiator or fan! The filling capacity of 200ml or 400ml is more than sufficient for any water circuit.​

Technical dataCore 100 / Core 200
L x W x H131 x 76,5 x 76,5mm / 251 x 76,5 x 76,5mm
Pump compatibilityD5
Capacity200ml / 400ml
Material Pump top & coveracetal
Material tubeacrylic
Connection3x G1/4“ internal thread
Quantity of digital aRGB LEDs12
Power digital aRGB LEDs5V
Power connector digital aRGB LEDs3-pin JST (male & female switch)

1. Alphacool Core 100 Aurora reservoir D5/VPP Acetal/Acryl
(>>>shop offer MSRP 74,99 €)

2. Alphacool Core 200 Aurora reservoir D5/VPP Acetal/Acryl
(>>>shop offer MSRP 79,99 €)