New Core 120/140mm PWM Fans!


Staff member
Alphacool's fan lineup gets a new addition! The quiet and efficient Core PWM fan is now available in 120mm and 140mm, each in 3 different speed variants.

The 120mm version is available with a maximum speed of 2500rpm, 3000rpm as well as 4000rpm. The 140mm version is available with maximum speeds of 2000rpm, 2500rpm and 3200rpm.

The fan, which can be controlled via PWM signal, is not only suitable as a fan on CPU coolers or radiators. Thanks to its excellent performance values (throughput & static pressure), it can also be used as a case fan.

The double-bearing fan axis (>2500rpm) is smooth running and allows for a long service life as well as quiet operation.

If you are looking for an affordable and powerful fan without aRGB illumination, you will find it with Alphacool's Core PWM fan!

Features overview
- available as 120mm or 140mm version
- high airflow & static pressure
- wide speed control range using PWM
- durable smooth running bearing for quiet operation