New Eiswolf 2 AIO for Geforce RTX 3090 Founders Edition!


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Dear Alphacool,
I am wondering if it might be possible to improve the cooling performance further?
I have read an interesting test at "Igorslab" explaining that Alphacool offering 4 types of thermal pads.
The test showing that the Eisschicht 11 w/mk seem to be the best one's.

Now I wonder which one's will be delivered together with the Eiswolf?
And if you think it might be possible to improve the cooling performance with upgraded thermal pads?

All of these pads seem to be great but would be great to get your opinion.

Kindest regards!


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The Eiswolf 2 comes with 7W/mk pads. These are very good in themselves and quite sufficient for everyday use. You can certainly improve the temperatures with our 11 W/mk pads. How they turn out depends on your system anyway and is difficult to specify in advance in concrete numbers. You can simply take Igor's tests as a reference and see whether the result is worth the extra cost.


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Good Morning Thomas,
Thanks a lot for your fast response. That's great and important news because as per Igors test the 7 W/mk pads seem to be great.
Economic wise they have won the test. Technical wise it seems that the 11 W/mk may only have a minimum advantage.
So I will not change anything and will stick to the 7 W/mk that have been provided with the cooler.

Great! Your answer helps a lot.
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