Opportunity for improvement: Eisbaer extreme 280 black edition - access points to adjust the pump


Hi Alphacool,

I think you have missed an opportunity here, to provide easy access to the pump adjustment without having to dismantle the unit.

one should be able to adjust the speed with ease, if required.

I am currently at default settings, and when pushing the cpu it’s like sitting next to a Boeing 747, granted this is with an open case.

obviously, this is a bit late for me to see this improvement made, but for future buyers I think this will be a great improvement




Staff member
You can control the pump over the PWM-Connector. There are two, one for the fans, one for the pump. For coolin gonly the CPU, you dont need to let the pump running at full speed, makes no sense :)


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Yes, this unit is not loud when you set the pump and fan speeds correctly. Download your motherboard control software, there you must be able to change fan speeds/voltages (pump). Or do so in the BIOS :)