Order 30117767


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A week has passed since I ordered it.

On the day I ordered the item, I entered the wrong shipping address in the order table, and through the support request at the bottom of the Alphacool website, I requested multiple address corrections, but there was no contact.

The only response sent to the support request is for hardware related inquiries and payment errors.

I don't know if the item I ordered has started shipping and I don't know what happens when I send a support request.
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I ordered that the shipping address was incorrectly entered in the order confirmation sent by e-mail and immediately knew it, and I immediately put a support inquiry to correct the shipping address.

Also, if we can't change the shipping address, we've asked many times to cancel the order. This happened only 30 minutes after the order was placed.

Reply please.


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Order number is 30117767.
We've been putting in inquiries since last Friday, but the only response from info@alphacool.com was inquiries about hardware or payment errors.
5 minutes after ordering, I noticed my mistake and immediately put in an inquiry, but no answer came.


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I received an email reply stating that the payment was refunded because the item I just ordered was out of stock. Thanks for the support.


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There seems to be a problem with the order number 91034162 ordered from the aquatuning website.
Can you help me about this?

I was notified on the Alpha Cool website that the 2080 m03 water block is out of stock through a support request.
So I searched a used 2080 m03 with google ring and was able to reach the aquatuning website.

I ordered the 'B-class 2080 m03 water block' and 'Alphacool Eisbaer LT (Solo)-black' right from the aquatuning website.
And in time for their opening hours, they sent an inquiry email to info@aquatuning.co.uk to see if there was a stock of 'B class 2080 m03 water block'.

To put it simply,
1. 2080 m03 water block is not in stock at aquatuning store
2. However, their website is marked as having stock.
3. I trusted the website and ordered it.
4. Like the order I made at Alpha Cool, I sent a request for support for a week and notified me that I was out of stock.

I'm afraid it will be like the scenario I wrote above.


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Hi, you need to contact Aquatuning directly dude there is not much we can do on this issue. Try to contact them trough Face Book.