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Can you please provide me the status of my order 1091797?

Please feel free to send me the shipping tracking ID in a PM as well.
Would like to be able to track it.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi again.
Recieved my order today - but there is some apparent issue with the 1019275_Alphacool_Eisblock_ES_Acetal_RTX2080_2080TI_M02
I emailed and spoke with Tim before ordering, and also sent a PCB-picture of my gfx-card. I was told that this would fit/work with it.

Problem no 1.
If you look at https://www.alphacool.com/download/1019275_Alphacool_Eisblock_ES_Acetal_RTX2080_2080TI_M02.pdf is shows thermal tape/pads that are labeled RED and BLUE. I got two bags, labeled RED and YELLOW.
The second part is that the pads are supposed to be in the thickness of 1mm and 1.5mm.
The ones I have got are 2mm and 3mm.

Problem no 2.
The screws in the package was supposed to be 11x M3x5, what I have got is a much taller screw, that appears to be spaced for a backplate as well.
Since my gfx-card doesnt have a backplate, I'm unable to use the screws. And the old screws are M2.

So currently I'm sitting with a completely disassembled rig on my table, and can't complete the custom loop due to this.
Please reach out to me ASAP so that we can get this fixed.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi There, probably a production/packing mistake at the factory. Just shoot an email to info@ and we will send you the correct parts and pads asap. Do you need anything else or just the pads and the screws?