Owners of Evolv X Eisbaer 420 fit or no fit?


New member
Hello I am searching for other Users of the Evolv X that have an Eisbaer or Eisbaer Aurora aio installed.
I am considering buying the 420 as front mounted into my Evolv X.
Problem Number 1: Manual says there are only 465 mm of space while the Eisbaer is 468 mm long. I don't know how much of a tolerance the Evolv X allows

Problem Number 2:
The Tubes look pretty short on the Pictures and I don't know if they are long enough if install the aio in the front.

Would be happy to hear from your experiences


Staff member
I have no idea if the Eisbaer 420 will fit in the Evolv X, sorry. With the sizes you know, i don`t think it will fit. The tubes are 40 cm long.