Pump before or after GPU


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Just starting to built my water cooling loop (first water cooling system since many many years) and started wondering if it´s better to add pump before or after GPU?
Thinking what is the temperature of the coolant once it leaves the GPU block? Would it be better if the coolant goes directly to radiator and then cooled liquid goes to pump? Or does it matter at all?
I have Eisstation (#13297) pump, Eisblock GPX (#11681) GPU block and NexXxoS ST30 (#14344) radiator. GPU is RTX 2080Ti FE.

Thank you for any hints.


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Hi, we do not work at the weekend dude sorry ^^. In my loop i go from pump/resorvoir combo to the GPU first and after the radiator. You can not say how hot the water would be because it depends on the envoirment, air temperature etc. etc.