Pump Issues - GPX 240


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Do you have an ongoing issue with your pumps, like a faulty batch or something?
I can see a lot of threads here with pump issues in the GPU coolers, some people having rattle noises and some with pumps making duck noises.
It sounds like they are prone to failure?
I am currently awaiting a new pump, this is the second replacement I have requested as the original started to rattle and now the first replacement is doing the same.
This time I have the entire block to replace that contains the pump.

It is worrying to see so many threads and issues about the same thing and also makes me think that this second replacement will do exactly the same as the previous 2 pumps.


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Hey, just because of the threads it does not mean that every pump is faultiy or defect. This threads are as you can see for RMA issues so it is normal really. Keep us please informed after the replacement. Thank you.


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I will keep you updated, but you must be able to understand my concern, considering for myself this will be the third pump.
I am just worried this may have an issue again.