Questions about Eisbaer AIO coolers

Good Afternoon Guys,

I'm in the process of building a PC and I am considering water cooling, initially with an AIO. After reading the manual online I have couple of questions about the Eisbaer system.

1. It mentions in the manual that the window should be at the top or the logo the correct way up when viewed through a side window. In my application the motherboard will be laying flat with the block/pump assembly upright, would this cause any issues in terms of keeping the pump fed with coolant?

2. I am using a rather large case and I am not sure the hoses will be long enough. If I was to replace the hoses with clear tubing (I fully understand that this would void warranty) I would really prefer to use a coloured coolant. The manual mentions only using clear, non UV reactive coolants. Would other types of coolant cause known issues with the system or is this just to cover yourselves in case people fill it with strange liquids? It is also unclear whether it means only use those coolants to add to or "top up" the existing coolant or that pastel uv coolants should not be used at all.

3. This is a very minor consideration. I would prefer a red logo on the block, is it possible to change it on the Eisbaer as it is on some of your other water blocks? (Again I know this would be a warranty voiding action)

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1. If the mainboards lays flat, it doesn`t matter how you mount the Eisbaer.

2. Mainly thats against strange liquids. Normaly, you will not have problem with the most clear colored fluids... only pastell is a real no go.

3. We have this logos:
But to change the logo on an Eisbaer is not easy. And the next point... the LED of the logo illumination is blue. So, it won't shine very brightly.