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Radiator setup for Meshify 2 case


New member
Hello. I want to build silent and efficient PC system in the new Meshify 2 case. The system consists of 10900K CPU and 2080Ti GPU (3080 later). I need advice which radiators should i choose. I plan to put 360 top, 360 front and 140 bottom. I plan to run my fans at aprox. 900rpm constantly. Will it be sufficient to cool my hardware? And then... ST30 at the front and top, XT45 on the bottom, or maybe XT45 on the top, front and the bottom? The last setup might be a very tight fit, but i think it's possible.
Thanks in advance !


Active member
Staff member
Hi @Barel80

According to the fractal design, the following radiators can be installed on the Meshify 2. Up to a 360/420, front up to a 280/360, bottom up to a 240/280 and on the back a 120. I would now say if you built a 420/30 on top and a 360/30 in the front , the cooling capacity is sufficient. The 420 is a bit bigger than a 480 from the cooling surface. You can operate 30mm thick with one-sided fan assembly, with a 45mm thick fan assembly on both sides would be better with slow fans. With fan shrouds you can get a little better temperatures. If there is still enough space, you can of course install a 140 in the floor.

Best Regards