Road map update


I would love to get some road map updates on the Eisbord MPX ant on the Eisblock XPX D RGB that we saw at computex this year.

At the moment i'm planing a custom water cooled hardline build with a Ryzen CPU an Gigabyte mobo (no monoblock etc. exist for this board) and an Rx 5700 xt with the new Aurora gpu block and i would love to incorporate the other things into the build...

A heads up and good work to the whole Alphacool team in Advanced


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Hi Creative,

Thank you very much :)

We have already samples from the XPX aRGB and planing to release them by the end of August. I cannot give any further information regarding the mainboard coolers.


Thanks for the informations and for the confirmation.

Im just glad tah i can incoperate the new block into my builde