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Soft tubing discolouring


New member
When I built my loop (~2 weeks ago) I expected that my soft tubing would become cloudy over time but didn't expect it to become cloudy within a matter of days. Yesterday, I looked at it and the cloudiness is actually greenish. I have a drainage line that isn't flowing with the loop and the tubing there is still clear.
For coolant I am using Alphacool CKC, with Alphacool tubing, rads and fittings, Corsair CPU block and EVGA GPU block. Anyone have any ideas of what I can do? I'm afraid that it's algae growth which would not look good for Alphacool coolant which is supposed to have growth inhibitors.20200616_223009-2.jpg


New member
Did you clean the loop before putting everything together? Everytime you buy a radiator you should always clean it before use. There's always dirt from the factory for some reason. I'm pretty sure this is dirty water from the radiator/ radiators. I would recommend buying a cleaning kit and distilled water and let it run for a while in the system, then refill it again. I know sucks and the exact thing happened to me in my first loop.