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Turning to Alphacool for support.

I redirected most of the air toward the pump, the line shows there is a lot of air in it. I just realized there is no mention of it supporting socket AM4, I have a Ryzen 3700X.

This must be an old unit… I tested it and indeed it’s quite noisy. I think some liquid may have evaporated over time, I can even see debris in the water. Even if it never was used, I received and opened it today, it did look new.

If this is an older version, I was not aware of this and TitanRIG never reply. After placing the purchase, I told them to hold shipment, I wanted to ask relevant question. Regarding version, noise, coolant and if it was the right unit for my Ryzen CPU. I also let the know that if it did not meet my requirement, I would cancel the order. They shipped it without replying to my inquiry, concern and questions.

I contacted the several time after it got ship, they never replied... no communication it a dead end.

Can I get warranty support, replacement for a newer version?


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When did you bought this Eisbaer Unit? Because its EOL since 6 month and Titan Rig dont offer this AIO anymore.


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Because it's a public forum I removed some detail, I can provide the order number and transaction ID in PM.

You sent a payment of $129.30 USD to Titan Rig, LLC (accounts@titanrig.com)​
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Sent everything to info@alphacool.com
We have public holidays, so i am not sure if you will get an answere before monday. And check yur spam folder. Sometimes our mails are there :rolleyes: