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Trying to use Eisball RGB as chromatic thermometer

Marshal Poppins

New member

As the title states I've just set up a loop using the Eisball reservoir and would like to use its RGB function to indicate CPU temp. My Asrock mobo has the appropriate header but their software only supports cosmetic nonsense. I also have a Corsair Commander Pro, if I can get it to recognize the Eisball, it does support linking the color to component temp.

I have tried: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KGMZ9YT/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_V24DVV5KN5VKHKN6X2S0
But I could not get it to work for me. This is a shame as I think using the Corsair hub is probably the best option.

Any thoughts?
Thank you.


Active member
Staff member
Hi @Marshal Poppins

Sorry for the late reply.
I also installed a Commander Pro. Tonight I can see how you can set it up to make it work. The Commander and the Corsair ICUE software have a lot of setting options, I have to try that myself. If you already have such adapter cables for it, that's great.

Best Regards


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Hi @Marshal Poppins

First you have to start the Corsair ICUE software. Here it should then display the Commander Pro in the start area. You can connect the RGB lighting of the Eisball to one of the two RGB channels with the adapter that you already have.

If you move the mouse over it, it will show you the various submenus.

First you have to go to the <Lighting Setup> menu. You have to select the respective channel where you have connected it to be an RGB LED STRIP. Below at SETUP CHANNEL.

Then you go to the menu <HARDWARE LIGHTING>. Then you can select the <LIGHTING TYPE> in the first field, this would be TEMPERATURE.
With QUICK LIGHTING ZONE you select ALL. And in the right field you can then choose the component you want and the temperature range with the respective color.

I hope that I wrote the explanation correctly and that I could help you.
Best Regards