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Using Reverse flow with Eisblock Aurora GPX


New member
Hello all,

Has anyone ever used the Eisblock Aurora GPU block in a reverse flow configuration (using inlet as an outlet)? I am planning on doing a parallel loop and I wanted to know what the increase in temperature would be on the GPU if used in a reverse flow configuration. Alphacool representative said increase could be up to 10 degrees C but I wanted to know if anyone has tested this configuration and had experience with it on this or similar GPU blocks.

There are many posts online of users saying that their increase in temps when using inlet as outlet on different GPU blocks being only 1 - 3 degrees C.



Staff member
Hi There,

Alphacool representative said increase could be up to 10 degrees C
Who has given you this information? Can you please PM me his name? This information is not correct. If you use the block reverse the jet plate is usless and performance would not increase it will decrease.


New member
I did not say that performance would increase - I said he told me that temperatures would increase by up to 10 degrees C.

So the jet plate would be useless.. that doesn't sound good.


Staff member
Fact is, if you use IN as OUT and OUT as IN it will not really work. The performance will be very very bad. And we dont support such a configuration. I hope that was only a communication missunderstanding between you and our coworker. I dont want to belive that somebody of us told you that.