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Water cooling ideas needed please?


New member
Hi guys. I'm very new to the whole PC world. I've just recently built my first gaming PC but I'd like to jazz it up a bit with some water cooling. At the moment I've got a B550 Tomahawk with a Ryzen 5 3600 and a RTX 2070 Super. I will be upgrading to the new 3080 when they're available and I'm also thinking about upgrading the CPU to the new 5000 series. This will be inside a Phanteks P400a case but I'm unsure as to where top start. I know I'd like it to be hard piped but as for anything else I'm truly stuck. I'm unsure whether its possible to fit sufficient water cooling inside of this case? Anyway, if you guys could offer any advice or info it would be a great help. Thanks


New member
a good starting point I found was the Eisbaer extreme, It might not be hard tubed (yet) but it gives you everything you need to start watercooling right away and the pump is powerful enough to add many more things (gpu, rads.. etc) now I don't know anything about the Phanteks P400a.


Active member
Staff member
Hi @macka09

The Phanteks p400a doesn't offer many options for radiators. You can install a maximum of one 360 in the front and one 120 on the back. For the one in the front you will have to remove the hard drive cage, according to the manufacturer. It is not specified how strong it can be, you have to measure whether you have space for a 30mm or 45mm thick radiator. For the components you want (Ryzen 5000 and RTX 3080) I would already see that you install a 360 45mm in the front and a 120 on the back. Since the 3080 alone probably needs the 360 for cooling, because of the high TDP. Then theoretically the 120 would be for the CPU. If both are now running on load, it can still be easy that the temperatures are not exactly cool. That also has to do with the fans and their speed.

I'll link the components.

I would use this set as a basis.

In addition a 120 radiator, either the 30mm or the 45mm thick for the back, you have to measure how the space is enough.

The 30mm

The 45mm

You don't really need anything else, apart from the cooling block for your graphics card. The set includes 8 straight and 2 angled connections, you need 2 for each component. The 1 liter of coolant should be enough, if it is not quite enough you can fill it up with distilled water. 3 meters of hose are also included, that should be more than enough.

It could also be that the tube of the equalization / pump combination is too high for the housing. Therefore, I am also linking a shorter tube, which you can easily replace if it comes to the case.

I hope I could answer your questions. If not or you still have questions, just get in touch.

Best Regards