waterblock for Palit RTX 2070 Gaming Pro OC


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Hello everyone.
I am new to the world of watercooling and recently I have a system to cool my CPU.
Now I got the idea of liquid cooling my GPU, but I struggle to find the model that fits my VGA well.
The exact model is: NE62070T1AP2-1062A
Looking at your site, under the Nvidia compatibility list, I saw that my VGA code is mentioned in one line:

are these waterblocks FULLY COMPATIBLE with my VGA?
another question:
my watercooling system uses soft tubes with G1 / 4 ″ to 3/8 ″ ID, 5/8 ″ OD Compression Fitting;
Compression Fitting these are fine on the above mentioned waterblock VGA?
on hold..


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thanks for the reply ... but
I would like a clarification on your answer regarding the fitting ..
<Well we would not recommend that. If you want to go with those it is at your own risk. >
what does it mean?
what would be the potential problem?
these are my Compression Fitting :

please explain ...


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...so if I understand, do you recommend compression fitting <Alphacool Eiszapfen 16 / 10mm Anschraubtülle G1 / 4 - Deep Black> on your VGA waterblock instead?
....or just serve the 13/10 type:
Alphacool Eiszapfen 13 / 10mm compression fitting G1 / 4 - deep black?
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I was almost convinced to buy, but I'm stuck ..
I looked at the back of my VGA and took a photo and compared it to the WB VGA named from your compatible list, that is the 11683,11681,11682,11738 models.
Looking at the pattern of the holes where they will be fixed (I think the screws) I see that ... they don't match!
Here my VGA:

Here the WB mod.11738:

for convenience I numbered + letters the screws.
5,6,7,8 = E, F, G, H
1,2,3,4 not equal to A, B, C, D
A, B, C, D is a square while 1,2,3,4 is a rectangle
A,E F,B G,C and H,D are not in the same position 1,5 2,6 7,3 8,4
10 and 13 perhaps equal to K.M
11 equal to L? I do not know...
N and O out of the scheme
12.14.9 without correspondence ..
15,16,17,18 without correspondence ..
I and J without correspondence ..

do you help me understand? I don't want to spend money and find myself with a useless ornament ...


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Hey, we need a photo from the front side of the card dude. Acording the number this block has to fit the card.


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I mean should I dismantle the fan / heatsink block and bring the Nvidia chip naked and take a picture?
..if it is so..I do not ruin/destroy (and I do not have spare parts) the thermal pads?


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good evening..
since your latest answers did not direct me on my choice, I am afraid that your compatibility list has an error. the GPU-Z prg identifies me (by opening the techpowerup site) my PALIT as Gainward Phoenix GS (which is identical to the my PALIT); if so, why isn't Gainward mentioned in your compatibility list (if it's the same as mine)?

Looking carefully at the images of your site, I notice that the WB:

has the screws / holes (it would seem to be visible ...) in the right place?
the WB is the <Alphacool NexXxoS GPX - RTX 2060/2070 (Super) M01> 11672
if so, it is the M01 model and not the M02 ....

My VGA, I think is a MODEL NUMBER (from your list) 2070 M01.
Do you agree?


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the GPU-Z program, when activated by the current VGA data.

Clicking on the "lookup" button automatically opens the page:

As you can see, Gainward appears and not PALIT (mine) ..