WC for CPU 7980XE 5 GHz


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Please advise full detailed specification for purchasing WC system for CPU 7980XE to achieve stable 5-5,2 GHz. Now CPU working with NZXT X52, only 3,4 GHz is more or less stable. Chassis BeQuite 900.

Current specifications:
1. pump - 1 p.
2. radiators - 2 p.
3. reservoir - 1 p.

1. Is it enough to achieve 5-5,2 GHz with 7980XE?
2. Reservoir and pump capacites are enough for this two radiators
2. What basic specifications for tubes and angels we need? Where we can see examples?

Thank you!


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Hi NocoOne.

For overclocking on a 7980XE, it really does differ from chip to chip and you may not even hit 5Ghz stable regardless of what cooling you use, unfortunately, that is the silicone lottery that we play with! I have a single radiator 360 for my 7980XE but I only put it to 4.6GHz at 1.2v so the heat isn't crazy. I can push it more, but I have to bump up the voltage a lot and the heat starts to get crazy. In my case, I don't have support for more radiators though =(

So, to answer your questions:

1- is it enough - possibly, it SHOULD be. If you have good fans you have a lot of headroom to play with and you can always enjoy it. I
2 - The capacity of the reservoir does not really matter. Personally, I prefer the tube reservoirs with a VPP755 V.3 pump or a VPP655. This is just for the power and so I can see the fluid easier.
3 - Tubes/angles - if you are worried you can not go for some soft tubing and fittings, you do not need many angles at all: as the tubing is forgiving. For examples, honestly, I would just google your case and see what other people have done to try and did case and copy them as much as you can. We have lots of sizes of tubing and lots of types, so I can understand it can be overwhelming, but if you find something you like the look of and let me know I can talk you through it more :)