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I can understand you. However, our Eiswolf are designed for universal use. They should fit into any housing and with a 45mm radiator it could be tight for many. Nevertheless, the Eiswolf AIO does a good job. Also with a 30mm radiator :)
An upgrade to a 45mm radiator is not possible within the AIO.


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You mean that i have to purchase one more radiator to get what i want as the GPU loop seems to be not pre-filled, but in peaces, when its delivered. And this way i can simply plug the HPE 45mm version instead of the old inferior one..
p.s i am not buying AlphaCool for "good job" i am buying Alpha for the PERFECT job! : )

p.s 2 another option for that GPU AIO would be to remove the FAN's you provide as they are loud and are no good. Option one - no fans, options two simply put Noctua... : D
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So if you have enough space, then you could install a second pre-filled radiator in your loop.
(Our AIOs are prefilled)
Alternatively, yes, you would have to buy a 45mm radiator separately, swap it out and fill it.


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Suggestions? Wishes? Suggestions? Comments? Ideas? Improvements? New product?

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Do no compulsion and open a thread with your idea, suggestion.... well, you know ;) Then we can find the ideas more easily and comment on them. Of course you can also write a quick feedback here. But we will stop any discussion in this thread. Because otherwise the ideas might get lost in the mass of the discussion here. ;)
I really like the look of the “core“ gpu cooler mainly for the all metal fitting terminal. I have a strix 4090 block on order, I wish the all metal terminal was an option for my card. Thanks for making great products.


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So things that I *wish* I had while assembling/using my hardline loop:

* flexible extension fittings: flexible male-to-male G1/4 fitting with a tube in the middle that can be extended/contracted/fixed even after both fittings at the ends are screwed in. very useful in tight spots where you dont want to be messing around with making a 4-8 cm long straight run that will then be very hard to get into the place
* one-way air *inlet* that can be installed in a plug or a T-splitter at the very top of the loop and allow much easier emptying of the loop, possibly with an easy to unscrew/remove/open cap that makes it fully closed when not empything the loop
* manual air pump for pushing liquid out of the loop (possible in combination with leak checker and a one-way valve for use with next product)
* interrupt fitting that has 4 G1/4 ports and by default is in straight trough mode (say ports 1 and 3 are connected), but can be manually switched into a cross mode so that port 1 connects with port 2 and port 3 with port 4 instead, one could build such module in, in any point of a loop, attach loop normal path to ports 1 and 3, then connect drain to port 2 and air pump to port 4 and in switched mode it would allow very easy emptying of any loop
* radiators *or* fans that are ~3 mm shorter than normal - a lot of distroplates nowadays measure towards EKWB rads that are 27mm instead of 30mm thick = very annoying
* smaller pumps that fit into D5 socket and do not have wires sticking from the end plate of the pump, instead have wiring exit at 90 degrees - paralel to the end plate, ideally tuned so that they can just be left running at *their* 100% speed the whole time and still be silent and last for years (even if the head pressure and flow rate are not great)
* some kind of helper tool to screw in fittings and fitting collars in tight spaces without tearing off the skin off fingers, maybe just some work gloves that give good contact on the metal and also work well if the fitting is a bit wet
* a way to mount a (Noktua) fan in a blow-down direction on top of the CPU waterblock, so that there is guaranteed airflow there for motherboard VRM, RAM and nearby SSD cooling, like Noctua NH-L9a for example
* simpler measuring tool for figuring lengths and alignment for tubes with a single 90 degree bend - I'd assume that all that needs is one ruler and one measuring "head" with two water-bubble level measures and one laser to shine towards the destination fitting
* can one make hardline fittings with tighter/more secure grip on the tube, so that if one is making a 90 bend with a 90 female-to-female adaptor, there is less chance of the pipes just popping out when the loop is presurrized


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- Thinner radiators we have after all with 25 and 20mm thickness. I just don't see what this has to do with distroplates. The distroplate doesn't care about the thickness of the radiator.
- You can do that with any TEE piece. Many do this as well.
- We offer an air pump to push out the water, as well as a leakage tester. Only both together as one product is not. See in it but no problem, because I do not know why I should have that in a product. Either I check the tightness of the system, or I drain it. Both together makes no sense. Or am I misunderstanding you here?
- Mounting frame for fans already existed, no one wanted.
- The VPP755 is shorter than a normal D5, the VPP Apex pump is even shorter than the VPP755.
-You can make fittings practical or beautiful. Practical fittings that are easy to install, even with tools, but do not sell, because the customers want to have 99% beautiful fittings. If you want to have practical fittings, you have to take the TPV fittings from us. They are designed for servers and you can tighten them with an open-end wrench.
- Knife tools for measuring, also from HardTubes we also have. See Eiskoffer! There is everything in it what you need. Also a fitting with laser is offered.
- If you take the Eizapfen Pro fittings for Hardtubes and put a HardTube in, you need a pulling force of more than 10kg to pull it out without opening the fitting again.


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You will find all GPUs from the RTX4070Ti Series, for which we will produce an water block already in our configurator or PDF list. For the PNY 4070Ti XLR8 we won´t produce a water block.


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Hello there,
So here is my "problem". I have mounted my MSI RX7900XT Gaming trio classic verticaly in my crystal 680X corsair case. Fact is that the GPU Fans are so close to the tempered glass that this one tends to overheat. I searched for a waterblock or an AIO to move from air cooling to a more efficient way but no one seems to craft them ! I tried the "Send it and get one cooler for free" but it don't seem to work :/ Do you know if there are any plans in the future to make waterblocks or AIO for this particular model ? This card is doing great but i would love to see it perfom even better with the correct cooling !
Thanks in advance for your response !


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I am sorry but we don´t have a water block for this GPU in our assortment and we won´t produce one for this GPU.