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What exactly is the deal with GPUs


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So here we are.......6 months in and you can't find a new GPU anywhere for even a modest jack over MSRP (Im talking etail, not eBay)

What the hell happened?

poor production?
poor planning?
sudden demand?
lack of parts?
"the COVID"

what is the truth Mulder?
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Ask the GPU manufacturer ;-)

General..... Miner, extremely high demand, production problems at the manufacturers or high scrap, the transport costs have increased by 6-7 times, Covid disturbs and slows down the transport routes, at AMD the production for consoles has priority, because here you have volume orders that you have to fulfill, otherwise there are extremely high penalties.

A lot of things come together. greed.... no... you can only blame the stores for that. But when demand is exorbitant and little to nothing in stock, prices go up. That is quite normal. People still buy everything empty. The demand regulates the prices, as with everything.