XFX RX 580 GPX Compatability?


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I have the XFX 8gb RX 580, is there a specific GPX block that will work for this card? I see there was one for the 480 though. Interested to see what my options are. I see there are blocks for the Gigabyte, Asus, Red Devil and Sapphire models, but no XFX support.

Will one of these work or will I need to purchase another GPU?


Looks like most manufacturers are sold out of the RX 580 unless it is a reference model.

Bykski would be your best option for your card as they still sell reference blocks.

The only one I can find is on eBay for your card.


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HI @5ohfanatic
I am sorry but we do not have a water block for this graphics card . Since AMD has already a new series of graphics card and we will not produce a new water block for the 580 series.
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